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Cync Spreading

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Automatically spread tax returns & financial statements in seconds.

Cync LOS

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Streamlined commercial loan origination for faster funding.

Cync ABL

Cync ABL Slider Image Securely automate your borrowing base certificate process.

Cync Factoring

Cync Factoring Slider Image Flexible fee scheduling and automated invoice validation.

Cync Client Portal

Cync Client Portal Slider Image Provide borrowers a secure environment with real-time information.

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Customer Success Stories

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The upload to the BBC calculation went from 4 hours manually per client to 18 minutes with Cync—this was a huge efficiency gain for us. Also, getting information through to clients has gone from 10 days per month for turn days down to 3—senior management has been very happy with these results.

– Errin Richardson, Columbia Bank

Before Cync Software, our loan processing was entirely manual and Excel-based. We needed a cloud-based solution that would reduce the potential for error, improve the user experience and provide the automation we needed. Cync Software really went above and beyond by allowing us to customize a solution to better fit our growing portfolio.

– Evan Henris, Parabilis

Cync created a customized solution for us, that reduced our costs from having an external vendor manage our loans to having it all in one application. We can service more loans with the same amount of staff.

– Jon Finley, CircleUp

Cloud-Based Products for Commercial Lending

Cync Spreading

Streamlined spreading automation with relationship-driven insights.

Cync LOS

Optimize your loan origination process with best-in-class insights and integrations.

Cync ABL

Securely automate your borrowing base certificate process with Cync ABL.

Cync Factoring

Create and assign fee schedules at the client level or to individual debtors.

Cync Client Portal

Provide borrowers with their own secure environment with real-time information.

Seamless Integrations for Custom Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Risk Management Association : Cync Software's integration with the Risk Management Association (RMA) allows lenders to import the latest ratios to compare a borrower's financials against industry peers.
DocuSign : Cync Software's integration with DocuSign allows for electronic signatures.
Experian : Cync LOS's integration with Experian provides direct business credit reporting for lenders to make decisions.
Fusion Laserpro : Cync LOS integrates with Fusion Laserpro to help generate loan closing documentation based on the given transaction data.
Alloy : Our Alloy integration helps banks and fintechs automate and manage their decisions for onboarding, ongoing fraud & AML monitoring, and more.
Plaid : Cync Software's integration with Plaid enables lenders to have the most up-to-date information for financial analysis of their borrowers.
Codat : Codat allows lenders to connect to real-time financial information logged by their borrowers.
Tableau : The Dashboards & Analytics features integrate with Tableau Data Prep and Tableau Cloud for easy-to-use, lightweight reports and eye-catching visualizations.
TransUnion : Cync Software's integration with TransUnion provides direct consumer reporting for lenders to make decisions.
QuickBooks : Cync Software's integration allows lenders to fetch invoices from their QuickBooks account and directly import them.
Salesforce : The Salesforce framework integration service enables customers to securely transfer their data into Cync applications by managing data ingestion and validation processes with speed, agility, and reliability for peace-of-mind.
Wolters Kluwer Expere : Cync Software's integration with Wolters Kluwer Expere for document generation.