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Factoring – Solving Problems Through Automation

In the realm of factoring, where businesses leverage their accounts receivable to improve cash flow, the efficiency of invoice processing is paramount. Traditionally, manual invoice handling has been a laborious and time-consuming task, prone to errors and delays. However, Cync Software’s Factoring solution offers a solution that saves not only time but also money by automating the process of buying, validating and collecting on invoices, streamlining the decision-making process and helping reduce fraud and overall risk.

Benefits of Factoring Software

One of the most significant time-saving benefits of automating the invoice process in factoring is the elimination of manual data entry. Cync Factoring covers the entire Portfolio Management process, including uploading and validating invoices, verification letter tracking, and calculating and recording advances, reserves, and fees. Cync Factoring supports cash batch entry, tracks reserve balance activity upon payment processing, and has export capabilities to accounting General Ledgers. The ability to extract the relevant information eliminates the need for employees to manually input data, reducing the likelihood of errors and significantly expediting the processing time.

Cync Factoring allows users to make quick and easy purchasing decisions by centralizing data and making that data available for reporting and analysis. Dashboards give a snapshot summary of activity, with each section of a dashboard having drill-down capabilities to allow users to capture details on new invoices, ineligible invoices, and funded invoice, expediting the risk analysis and decision making process, ultimately facilitating prompt funding for approved invoices. This swift turnaround time is particularly beneficial for businesses facing cash flow constraints or seeking timely financing solutions to support their operations and growth initiatives.


Automating the invoice process represents a game-changer in the world of factoring, and Cync Factoring offers significant time-saving benefits and efficiency gains for both lenders and factoring clients. By leveraging automation technologies to streamline invoice handling, lenders can expedite funding decisions, enhance accuracy, scale operations efficiently, and deliver an enhanced customer experience.