Cync Asset-Based Lending

The Cync Software Solution for Asset-Based Lending (ABL)

Why Lenders Choose Cync ABL

Cync Software’s Asset-Based Lending (ABL) application is designed to improve a lender’s ABL portfolio management and increase productivity through BBC automation. Cync ABL’s reporting, trending, and graphs provide complete control and analysis for asset-based lenders, enabling them to grow their commercial portfolio profitably while minimizing risk and improving the borrower’s experience.

Types of Collateral Monitoring

  • AR and Inventory
  • Real Estate
  • Equipment
  • Ledgered ABL
  • Agricultural
  • GovCon
  • Marketable Securities Lending

Compatible with Government Contract (GovCon) Lending

Cync’s ability to adapt to the needs of clients working with government contracts allows faster and more accurate calculation of ineligibles, even where aging may differ or cross-aging is required.

“Before Cync Software, our loan processing was entirely manual and Excel-based. We needed a cloud-based solution that would reduce the potential for error, improve the user experience and provide the automation we needed. Cync Software really went above and beyond by allowing us to customize a solution to better fit our growing portfolio.”

-Evan Henris, Parabilis

Automating the Borrowing Base Process

Cync allows Lending institutions to increase their productivity and reduce costs by automating the Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) process. Cync’s ABL monitoring abilities are ideal for both the lender and the borrower. Cync can help manage operational challenges created by manual processing and monitoring requirements.

Cync can process BBC’s daily, weekly, monthly, or on-demand. Lenders can perform the collateral valuation for formula-based advance rates and track various types of collateral. Lenders or borrowers only have to upload files and Cync automatically calculates ineligibles on the listed collateral types. Ineligibles can be set up at the client, account debtor, or invoice level. Once the BBC is completed, Cync offers electronic funding requests and approvals.

NEW! Monitor Marketable Securities Collateral

Our latest collateral monitoring feature for marketable securities helps better manage the lender’s exposure and risk.

  1. Choose a closing date
  2. Stock prices are pulled right into the BBC
  3. Client and Portfolio-level reporting reflects the gains and deficits within the top stocks

Lenders can mitigate risk and take control of the loan monitoring processes and borrower’s financial data across portfolios and improve visibility on both sides. Cync provides an immediate solution by automating business processes associated with the collection and analysis of data. Schedule a demo to see how we can automate your collateral monitoring!

Portfolio Management & Loan Servicing

For lenders who receive cash on behalf of their clients, cash can be posted manually or automatically by receiving a file from the lender’s lock box, along with check images. Cash collection can be done in bulk, by the account debtor, or by invoice. Adjustments and credit memos can all be handled, along with inquiries and reports.

Interest and Fee Statements/Invoices can be generated and collected within the application. Interest can be set up using Prime, Libor, or as a custom rate with minimum and max levels, rate adjustments, as well as forward and back effective dating. Additionally, fees can be charged at the time of processing on demand. Both interest and fees can be added to the loan daily, monthly, or accrued to an invoice.

Cync provides lenders with exceptional document tracking, monitors risk, manages covenants and collateral, as well as assisting with tough credit decisions. Cync’s automated commercial loan monitoring tool improves performance and mitigates risk within the portfolio. With its reporting, trending, and graphs, it provides complete control and analysis to asset-based lenders which enables them to grow their commercial portfolio profitably; all the while minimizing risk and improving the borrower’s experience. With this information, lenders can easily make funding decisions within minutes.

Additional Processing Features

Our unique Client Portal allows borrowers to submit documents electronically and review financial performance trends. The portal improves communication between the lender and borrower as well as transparency.

The interactive portal helps to:

  • Seamlessly upload documents and files for easy processing and centralized document management
  • Reduce time by automatically calculating the ineligibles and creating the available Borrowing Base Certificate upon file upload
  • Reduce review time by the lender
  • View and approve borrowing bases, collateral, interest statements, and request funds
  • Reports provide a clearer picture regarding loan activity, including cash collection
  • View metrics and other valuable financial data to monitor the financial health of loans

Using Cync, documents submitted online are automatically saved in our Document Management module. Cync not only accepts files used in preparing BBCs but also helps prepare reference documents such as financial statements, insurance policies, loan documents, etc. This makes for easy retrieval of necessary documents.

Rest API Support

Cync software supports REST APIs for interfacing. All of the APIs are secured with an authentication and authorization process. We continue to build additional APIs for system integration with lenders’ core systems. Cync software adapts open standards for secure information exchange, with formats such as JSON, XML, HTML, and text. As long as the third-party system can communicate with one of the formats above, integration is possible.

Highly Customizable from Level to Level

Commitments can be defined at the borrower level and can be linked to other loans such as BBC availability, term loans, participation loans, and lines of credit.

Sub-Limits can be defined at the borrower level, by collateral type and can be configured to reflect the loan agreement.

Seasonal Advance Rates can be established to automatically change for borrowers that have peak season.

Contra and Global Assignment for Account Debtor and Vendor relationships.

Multiple Loans provide the lender the ability to have different interest rates on different collateral types rolled up into one AR line.

Additional Monitoring & Servicing Features

Notifications can be pushed out externally via email or text to the lender users or borrowers with customization for:

  • BBC approval
  • New customer creation
  • Change in collateral value
  • Variance in balance limit
  • Funds requested or sent
  • Letter of Credit
  • Required files not received
  • Ratio targets

Other available customizations include:

  • General Ledger (GL) Tracking and Export Customize GL transaction codes
  • Export transactions by summary or in detail

Activity Ticklers can be set to remind you of upcoming events or tasks. A lender-defined number of days can be used for notification after the event or task has passed without completion.

Final Loan Payoff Calculations and Statements can be generated as of a certain date. Float and additional fees can be added. If authorized, borrowers can request and/or calculate their estimated payoff.

Analyst Workflows provide quick insight for tracking the status of the BBC process.

Trend Cards within the application provide parameters to set alerts for threshold monitoring of underlying assets, all the while securely maintaining historical data to be referenced for new advances, auditing, and accounting purposes.

Automation & Productivity

Lenders use ABL to calculate how much a borrower is allowed to receive as a loan disbursement or advance. ABL’s primary function is efficiently and effectively making calculations based on the borrower’s collateral, which usually consists of AR, inventory, and equipment.

Cync ABL extracts data and automatically calculates ineligibles simply by uploading a file to the application. Lenders can schedule a daily file export from the core banking system to keep ABL up-to-date with loan details, such as balances and maturity dates. ABL also offers a range of account debtor maintenance tools to give collateral analysts the upper hand when it comes to risk assessment.

With this information, lenders can easily make funding decisions within minutes.

Cync ABL Integrations & Development Solutions

Cync ABL integrates with different services to allow customer data to be safely and securely transferred into the application.

Salesforce Integration

The Salesforce framework integration service enables customers to securely transfer their data into Cync applications by managing the data ingestion and validation processes with speed, agility, and reliability for peace of mind.

Quickbooks Integration

This integration allows customers to fetch invoices from their Quickbooks account and import them directly into Cync. Customers can easily connect to the Quickbooks application in minutes without waiting days or weeks to code custom connectors.

Codat Integration for Automated Spreading

Codat Logo Thumbnail

Customers can connect their accounting to Codat in minutes without waiting days or weeks to code custom connectors. Codat keeps the record synced in a configured interval and Cync will pull the invoices from Codat whenever required.

Financial Asset Monitoring

Line Chart

Our latest collateral monitoring feature allows the lender to choose a closing date and pull stock prices directly into the Borrowing Base Certificate.

Security Features

The Cync Software Application Suite is a SOC2-certified application that is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is an Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider, which is highly available, scalable, and fault tolerant. View Cync Software Security Information
  • Independently SOC 2 Certified
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certifications
    • ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018
    • PCI DSS for S3, EBS, VPC, RDS, ELB, IAM
    • FISMA Moderate Compliant Controls
    • HIPAA & ITAR Compliant Architecture
  • Auditable infrastructure
  • Encrypted URL
  • AWS platform is monitored 24/7
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)



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