Cync Software's Mission Statement

Cync Software is committed to “Supercharging Your Lending Automation” by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence and cutting-edge cloud technologies with premier solutions based on best practices. Our dedication to revolutionizing the lending processes with research and user-centric design transforms the way data is captured and decisions are made—launching a new era of efficiency and accurate decision making for lenders.


We embrace creativity and continuously push boundaries to develop groundbreaking solutions that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of lenders.


Transparency, honesty, and accountability are the cornerstones of our interactions with lenders, their customers, and our partners.


We embrace change, adapt quickly to market dynamics, and proactively seek opportunities for growth by staying ahead of industry trends.


We are committed to understanding customer needs, delivering exceptional experiences, and providing tailored financial solutions that achieve their goals.


By partnering lenders and factors with our expertise, we bring together the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives making us a unique team.

Security & Privacy

We prioritize the security and privacy by employing intelligent, cloud-based technologies and robust security measures to safeguard data.

Social Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, we actively contribute to the communities we serve and are committed to fostering sustainable practices.


Cync Software aspires to be a beacon of innovation, trust, and excellence in the fintech industry, empowering all to thrive in the next era of commercial lending.